Providing quality and sustainable 101_0623 on the job training for newly hired law enforcement officers has always been a struggle for agencies nation-wide. Every agency has academy standards that mandate the officer’s initial academy training. Training academies offer all the basic skills required in a classroom setting and a controlled environment. Once that officer successfully graduates from the academy their formal training is far from over. Application of the principals and techniques they learned in the academy needs to be successfully demonstrated in the field before we allow that officer to be released in a solo capacity.

The Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTO) is such a system that can guarantee that the skills needed to be a successful officer are used in the “real world”. Deficiencies exhibited by the new officer are quickly identified and additional training is applied that corrects the deficiency and reinforces the values and mission of your agency.

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Kaminsky, Sullenberger & Associates has been recognized as a leader in providing training in the Field Training Officer (FTO) concept since the mid 1970s.



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